Learning poker rules well

As a beginner, it is important to ensure that you have a firm grasp on all the basic rules. This is because any in-depth tactics that you begin to learn and employ pretty much assume that you understand the basic rules.
Without knowing what different hands beat which, for example, will not allow you to make accurate assumptions of what your opponents are doing. Anyone who knows poker well will be playing to a strategy based on what cards beat what, and if you don’t understand the basic concepts as to whether or not the five cards laid out are good, you will not be able to fully understand the strategies that you opponents are using.
This is simply because you won’t understand why they are doing what they are. If they are betting high and you can’t see that the cards in the center are actually pretty poor, then you may be tempted to simply fold, which will most likely be a bad move.

As such, understanding the more basic rules really is essential to doing well at poker. While you may not take it very seriously (after all it is only a game), if you really want to have fun doing it then you should try to learn more in-depth tactics. To do this well you obviously need to have the basic rules pretty much nailed and under your belt.

Without them, if you are having to constantly look up what beats what, you probably will not end up doing so well. As such, you certainly shouldn’t play professionally, but at the same time it can be quite fun to play in the company of friends.

Personally when I was first learning I found it amusing to play with friends who were equally as unsure as I was – it made the entire experience far more amusing, simply because we weren’t taking it overly seriously. At the same time I can understand though that those who do want to play seriously will not appreciate people who do not fully understand the rules and customs.

As such, when just playing with friends it is not essential to know what to say each round. I play with friends frequently who are good at poker, we still don’t know the main things to say each round to move it on, but it works. If you want to play in a more professional capacity however then it is a good idea to learn what you are meant to say to move the game on.

It really is up to you however, and you will know best the circumstances in which you are playing, so make a judgment call based on that. It really doesn’t matter in the long run, as said poker is simply a game, but if you want to really enjoy it then it can be the best way of going about things if you treat learning the most basic rules, at the very least, as a serious thing to do.

Top Poker Tips for Beginners

There is numerous poker guidelines that might a poker player may use to win one game after the other. The worst mistake a poker player can commit is to play under the influence of alcohol. Most poker players justify drinking because it makes them more relaxed while playing. However, alcohol can easily make one lose his chips easily. The situation might be different if the game is between friends who play low stakes and primarily for fun of it. However, in a casino, alcohol levels should be avoided as concentration is vital in the game.

Some players, especially beginners have a tendency of staying in hand and fail to fold, especially after realizing that they might have put in the pot more than they might have intended. This is a bad strategy because once the money is in the pot, it ceases to be a player’s and it is a pipe dream to try to get it back by playing the hand all the way.

Keep emotions away from the poker table. This is very common when a player allows frustration to set in and starts being driven by emotions. Similarly, during a poker game, losing a big hand may make a player feel like is headed to a tilt. This leads to desperation which can be solved by taking a break and try to calm down. It is not right for a player to continue with the game when depressed or angry as the opponents takes hint and won’t hesitate to capitalize on the emotional situation to win the game.

Another important strategy that may increase the winning chances of a player is observing the opponents. One player may raise in a certain position while another may have a poker tell when he bluffs. Observing such minor information, even if a player is not in a hand may help one determine how to play against them. The facial expressions say a lot about what their next move making it easier for a player to anticipate an opponent’s every move, it may not be always accurate but it helps determine the type of moves to make.

It is ok to be ambitious in poker but being overambitious may cause the player more damage. An example is playing at higher limits than their levels.. The core reason that should influence the decision to move to a higher limit is constant wins in the lower levels and one feels he is up to the challenge in a higher level. Some people have shot themselves in the foot before by trying to move to higher levels because the line in higher limits is shorter than the lower limits. Greed for more money may lead to consistent loses in the upper limits, as opposed to consistent wins in a more comfortable level

Beginners also face the problem of playing more hands than they necessarily should. The truth is, the more hands one plays, the higher the chances of losing the game as opposed to winning. Observing this, among other numerous tips and strategies may help especially beginners to master the game and win. Find more poker tips at it.poker30.net

Poker Tips – What Are Bad Beat Jackpots

The term bad beat is used in a poker game and defines the defeat of a player having an upper hand by a relatively better one. The concept is quite confusing, though not completely impossible, although the statistics show this to be an improbable one.

In a game of poker, where the odds can never be decided, the occurrence of bad beat is not something new. It has been seen that a player having a strong hand bets, and yet loses. However, there is no fixed definition as to which hand is to be considered as bad luck. This is probably due to the fact that to calculate the odds, the cards of the weaker hands have to be considered too, and there are possibilities that the weaker opponent may get hold of the running cards which are essential for winning the jackpot.

Bad beat – an inevitable phenomenon

Regardless of your experience in the game of poker, it has been noticed that even the most professional players sometimes fall prey to this phenomenon of bad beat. This can be especially disastrous if the stakes are very high. And since this is completely unexpected, it might cause a mood tilt even in the senior players.

So, what has been done to avoid such situations? Casinos are often the target during quarrels and brawls that result due to bad beat. This has made them make new rules, and thus pacify the players. Mentioned below are three effective steps taken by the casinos and online poker websites to handle such situations. Let us take a look at them now.

· Bad beat tables – Bad beat is often known to affect the players psychologically, and this could also have a negative impact on the casinos. As a result of this, various casinos and also poker websites have come up with a concept of bad beat tables. These are tables that have am elusive jackpot. The concept is to give an accumulated pool prize, also known as the elusive jackpot, to the best hand which loses. The prize money is collected by taking some extra amount of rake from each playing hand.

· Bad beat jackpot – In some other casinos that do not have bad beat tables, you are most likely to come across bad beat jackpots. The jackpot here, similar to the previous case, is given to the player who has the strong hand, but still loses to a player having a relatively stronger hand. However, the rule states that the strong hand (who loses the jackpot) must essentially qualify for it.

There also have been cases where the elusive jackpot has been divided among all the players playing at the table (one has to qualify, of course). The largest share is paid to the losing hand, while the winner gets slightly less. The remaining money is divided equally among all the players sitting at the table.

Bad beat is a phenomenon that just cannot be escaped it. Most of the poker players blame it on luck. However, the best way to go face it is to just go through it. There is possibly nothing much that can be done about it, and thus going through it bravely makes the player all the more calm and experienced in the game.

The Process of Making Poker Beer From Scratch

For some people the art of making beer is more like a black art. But the truth is that it’s actually quite simple to turn hops, yeast, water, and grains into beer. Some even say that the work of the brewer in making beer is very minimal. It is mainly the work of the yeast cells that give you the rewarding beer product in the end.

The process of making any type of poker beer always starts with a barley grain. When you take any grain it is basically just a seed, but it still contains all those chemical properties that it will need to sprout into a full fledge barley plant provided it is given the right conditions. This is why it is always the job of the maltster to have the ability to fully utilize the potential of the yeast to achieve the final product the way he or she wants. The main task here is to give the barley seed the impression that it is ready to sprout. For this you have to give it some warm water. This sprouting process will result in the activation of the enzymes present in the barley grain that can then be used by the brewer when in the mash. The maltster keeps an eye out for when the sprouting process begins. As soon as, he notices that process, he gently but quickly starts to dry up the kiln, by putting all the enzymes in suspension. By the end of drying process all the sprouts are taken out while the grains are left behind which are then sent ahead into the brewer.

Once you are done with the malting process you reach the mashing process. By this time all your malted barley will be in your brewer and will be full of enzymes and starches that were activated previously. From here ahead the brewer will then throw all the grains into a large bath of warm water that is kept at the temperature of 148 or 158 degrees Fahrenheit. This is called the mashing process. This is when the enzymes are all reactivated when they are exposed to this high temperature. It initiates a chemical reaction in which all the enzymes start attacking and breaking down all the starch in the barley into simpler sugars. This is the main goal of the mashing process.

There is a special container used by the brewer which is called the lauter tun. This is specially designed to contain all the mashed up grains without letting any leakage of the grains while still allowing the water to slowly seep out by the end of the process. These special lauter tun containers have insulation in them or any other type of method which allows the container to keep a constant temperature at all times.

Once the brewer judges that all of the starches in the grains have been converted then the temperature is further raised to 165 or 170 degree Fahrenheit that will help to stop the enzymatic process.

How to Smartly Choose the Right Drink When Playing Poker

Have a poker tournament coming up? Revising all your strategies and tricks to make sure you win? Poker is fun as long as you get to win every once in awhile. Losing poker over and over again will just spoil all the fun for you not to mention the losses that you will incur if you are betting on your games too. When preparing for a poker game, people mostly concentrate on all the game rules and strategies that can help them increase their chances of winning. While all that is quite important, they often miss out on another equally important tip to keep in mind while playing poker and that is what to drink. According to FlopNuts.com, rounds of drinks are quite common. Refills of drinks are always coming along while players gulp down large glasses of drinks in every round.

Now here what people often misjudge is their capabilities to concentrate under all the alcohol that they are consuming. You might think that you are really tough, but the fact is that the alcohol no matter how minimal, is affecting your abilities to think smartly and strategize. This is why it is really important that you focus on the number of glasses you are drinking and especially what you are drinking while you are playing poker so that you can fully retain your focusing abilities. The best thing would be to totally avoid drinks all together but if you feel out of place or too embarrassed to say no to alcohol while other players around you are drinking gallons of beer, you can easily switch to another type of drink that would not influence you much while also keep you well fitted in the crowd so that no one notices how you are avoiding from drinking.

The best thing would be to simply order an alcohol free drink. You can order juices and cocktails that have no alcohol in them. There are thousands of drink options and fancy juices that you can sip while you are playing, thus making sure that there is no substance in your body to cloud your judgment. You will be surprised at how well you can play now by not consuming any alcohol. Your mental capabilities will stay as sharp as always throughout the game, while other players who are loading themselves on alcohol drinks will later on in the game start making wrong decisions. This will immediately increase your chances of winning.

If you feel embarrassed by having to stay away from alcohol in a huge crowd especially at a poker table where professionals will most probably mock you for drinking kids’ juices, you can always just order beer. Beer has a very minimal amount of alcohol and unless you drink a gallon, you will not get influenced by the alcohol in it at all. This is also a good trick of blending in the crowd while also playing smartly so as not to arise any suspicion from the rest of the players of how you are being extra cautious.

Most Important Tips Regarding Storage of Poker Wine

You must have noticed a lot in movies and television that poker wine has always been stored in underground caves and cellars. This is why the perfect environment for storingpoker wine needs to be humid, dark, and cool with still surroundings. To make sure that your wine can be stored safe for years and age well you need to be aware of some of the most basic wine storing tips that can have a major impact on the taste of your poker wine when you open it after a couple of years from the day you store it.

First of all you have to make sure that your wine storage place is cool. The best temperature for storing poker wine is 55 degree Fahrenheit. Always keep away from places that can get too hot because that will wreak havoc the bottles in which wine are stored. Also make sure that the temperature of the place where you are storing your poker wine bottles remains constant. Extreme fluctuations in the temperature can also have a very negative impact on your bottles of wine. When checking the environment most suitable for storing poker wine, also check for its humidity levels. You should aim for a place that has humidity between 65% and 75%. The higher the humidity level is of that place the more your bottle cork will remain in place and allow oxygen to pass into the bottles. This helps with the oxidation of your poker wine.

The next most important point related to storing poker wine is keeping it in a place that is dark. This is why most poker wine bottles have a UV filter but despite this feature they still are not good enough to provide the full UV protection that wine requires. Wine that gets light frequently will distort its flavor in the long run and can result in premature aging. Especially white wine types are all more sensitive to light. This is why you should choose a storing location that is always dark and receives very little light.

The third point in regards to storing poker wine is one often people neglect and this is making sure the wine remains still. Most people like to store their wine bottles in their refrigerators. This is one of the worst possible places you can think of. The major reason is because every time the fridge opens the bottles vibrate and the poker wine shakes around. More than that, they receive light which is also not good for the wine.

Finally you should store you wine bottles sideways rather than standing straight. This helps to keep the cork in contact with the wine inside the bottles at all times. When the poker wine is in contact with the cork, the cork remains moist and thus does not shrink at all. This helps prevent too much oxygen from getting inside the wine bottles. When wine gets too much oxygen it starts oxidizing which causes all of its flavors, aromas, and colors to spoil. Keeping all of these points in notice you can help preserve your poker wine for longer.

Playing Full Time Poker – What You Need To Begin

The whole idea of playing poker to make it their career option has been tried by many, but unfortunately, not many of them have succeeded. There were skillful people too who tried their hand at it, but just couldn’t go ahead with it. So, what did they do wrong? What stopped them from becoming what they wanted to?

As a matter of fact, playing poker full time is a goal that is indeed very realistic and also attainable. However, most people miss the other fact, that is, to make this game your livelihood, you need to possess something else other than the necessary skills required in the game.

Only because one always wins among his friends in a Saturday night game does not essential imply that he has all that it takes to become a professional poker player. Therefore, if you have decided that you will treat the game as a business rather than a fun time, there are some other business skills that you will need to learn.

Full time poker – the basics

To start with, one must make an exact assessment of his present living conditions, and also how much money he expects to make on a monthly basis to support his living. Naturally, the conditions may vary with each one. There are a number of factors that affect this, and these largely depend on the living expenses, the lifestyle and also investment for the future.

These factors are considered in some brief details in the sections below.

· Budgeting for the expenses – Budgeting, as has been discussed earlier, is the approximation of your expenses on a monthly basis. All the living expenses that one makes must be taken into account. Furthermore, it should also be considered if your current job satisfies all the needs, and if not, how much you actually fall short of. The reason behind this quite simple – you will need to calculate how much you necessarily need to earn for a living, and then after you know the required amount, the excess can become your initial savings.

· Bankroll – The second factor that needs equal consideration is the bankroll. It is necessary for professional poker players to have a sizeable bankroll. The bankroll is only intended for one purpose – poker. The money you keep here must be used for your personal expenses. The best thing to do is to forget about the existence of the bankroll, and only use it for funding your poker requirements.

It must now be very clear that to gain a big edge in poker that money management is probably the second most important thing that you must consider when you take poker as your livelihood, first being the skills. Also, there are some things that must be kept in mind. These include self-discipline and learning the strategies of the game. The latter is of immense importance too, and you will need to regularly practice your skills at the game before you become confident about playing poker professionally.

Tips to Play Poker To Win

Poker is a game of equal chance. The popularity of this card game increased about ten years ago with the introduction of online poker. Many persons have made it to the top of this game and have accumulated enormous wealth. Not everyone who chooses to play this game is successful. The following tips are given in the hope of increasing the chance to win.

Don’t Rely Solely on the Book

Like everything in life the new poker will want to ensure that all the guidelines of playing the game are adhered to. While that is a good approach to playing the game it is advisable that players develop their own methods and stick to what makes them successful. Reading and following books such as Small Stakes Holdem is not a bad idea but the ultimate goal is to win. This can only happen through each person’s unique methods.

Know the Jargon

There are many words and phrases associated with poker30 that is not a part of the everyday vocabulary. When someone says, ‘I have ace-king in the pocket’, or ‘He drowned in the river’, the player will be able to know if ‘his opponent will protect his blinds, no matter how bad his cards are’.

Choose Opponents Wisely

The most intelligent thing to do if a player wants to win and move on is to play with less skillful players. Start at the betting limit where there is a greater chance of winning. That should be at the top of everyone’s list.

Be Unpredictable

Opponents will like players who play the same game all the time. It is better to change the game. Leave the opponents in the dark whenever there is a chance to do so.

Keep an Eye on Opponents

In order to win on sites like FullTiltPoker.net, players should be alert and know what the opponent does, and even try to predict some of the moves. The information game from paying very close attention will help the player to decide the next move.

Don’t Expose Your Hand

Opponents will have an advantage if they can see what is in the other person’s hand. They can also use the information to win the game easily.

Play at the Right Skill Level

Players should use their skills to determine what level they play. Normally, the more money in the pot, the higher the skill of the player. One shouldn’t play for an ego booster. It is better to continue winning at that table than to feel that the more skilful player at another table has a higher class.

Don’t Play Every Hand

The average player is anxious to win but playing more hands does not necessarily into winning more. The best advice is to fold more.

Strategies to Play Texas Hold em

Texas Hold’em is a variation of poker and is considered to be the most popular aspect of the game. Instead of getting five cards like the regular poker game, each player receives two cards. There are five cards in the middle of the table for all players to use when they get a hand. The two cards in each player’s hand, however, must not be used by other players. Although the game looks very easy to use it is not necessarily so. Here are some strategies that will increase the chances of winning.

Bankroll Management

This is when the player plays at certain limit in order to avoid losing bankroll due to bad run of cards. As a player, you can be ‘playing within your bankroll’ or ‘playing out of your bankroll’, where you increase the chance of losing all of your money.

Starting Hand Selection

This strategy involves choosing the good hand over the bad hand and folding the bad hand when you get them. Sticking with the good hand will greatly increase the chances of winning.

Changing Gears

This is changing from the normal way of playing to make your game more unpredictable. This will make it more difficult for your opponents.

Bet Sizing

The inability to make the correct size bet will result in a big leak in the game. Before making any bets or raise, keep in mind how much money is in the pot.

Omaha Poker is like Texas Hold’em but the player receives four card face down instead of two. Here are some useful strategies for playing Omaha Poker.


Since there are some hands that do not work together well with all four cards, the player should guess whether the opponent has four good cards that work well with each or if they have a halfway hand.

The 3 and 2 Rule

This is a common error made by new players. The player cannot make a legitimate hand unless that hand has exactly 3 cards from the board and two cards from his hand. Failure to do this will result in loss of money.

Read Your Hand Multiple Times After The Flop

It is easier to miss a card when making a decision of 3 from the board and 2 from your hand. You should read your hand twice as soon as the flop comes out, watch all the players, and then read your hand again before you react.

Starting Hand Selection

This is one of the impost important aspects that every poker player needs to consider. The players’ hands should have cards that work together in different formats. Suited aces pairs as well as cards that are close in rank can be played.

Poker: Don’t call, raise

As the saying goes, if you’re calling, you should be raising. Or, another variation, if you’re hand is strong enough to call, it’s strong enough to raise. New players might be wondering why this is the case? Isn’t there more risk associated with raising? You’re upping the stakes, and thus putting more of your poker livelihood (at least for that sitting) on the line. So at what point does this become a reasonable blanket statement?

The answer is, all the time, and here’s why. If you just call a raise or blind, especially pre-flop, simply to get yourself to the point where you can see the PlayersOnly.com flop, that’s called limping. Limping doesn’t do a whole lot for you as a player, and it’s an incredibly transparent move most of the time. We’ll go further into that in a bit.

Limpers do so mainly on the notion that the flop will “make” their hand, which is a risky proposition to begin with. You’re basically paying into a draw before you even have a strong enough hand to consider calling it a draw. It’s also in no way a cheap way to see the flop. In reality, you’re building the pot, and if you’re just calling, it means other people are in the game, as well. As a result of this, you’re really going to have to hit a strong flop to position yourself as the favorite hand at the table, in terms of cards and/or perception.

Another detriment to limping when you play poker online is that it limits your options as a player. If you’re raising, you can end up “buying the pot” whether it’s intentional or not, thus affording you an early way to win. You also limit the amount of limping other players can do (which can hurt you later in the hand) if you’re raising pre-flop. Then they’re put to the decision of having to call a sizable FullTiltPoker.com bet or fold. They can’t sneak in “cheaply” to see the flop.

Getting back to transparency, raising instead of limping will keep you unpredictable. If you limp in, eventually the table will get wise to your breaking point. They’ll see enough hands turned over to take stock of when you raise and when you limp/call. Raising more often than not keeps the opponents back on their heels. Of course, I don’t advocate this as a regular method of baseless bluffing on pokerstar.com. Knowing when to fold is as strong a weapon as raising over limping in Hold ‘Em.

It’s no surprise that it all ends up coming back to unpredictability. In this case, though, there’s logical strategy behind the theme.